Arunachala drawn by Ramana

"Grace is needed; have love; Bliss will blossom forth."

Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK

15 a Victoria Road · London · NW6 6SX · 0207 328 3314 · Registered Charity No. 1040280

The Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK provides a focal point for devotees of Sri Ramana Maharshi in the United Kingdom as well as for visitors from overseas.


Satsangs are held twice in every month. All who are interested in the Maharshi’s Teachings are welcome to attend without seeking permission or booking beforehand.

During the pandemic

The current situation has made it necessary for our Satsangs to be held via Zoom. Michael James speaks at 2 pm (UK time) on the second and last Saturday of every month. From 27 February Michael will be giving an in-depth explanation on 'Nan Yar' 'Who Am I'. He will take any questions arising from this topic followed by any questions on which devotees might need clarification. Since the meetings are recorded and then shown on YouTube, no private questions will be answered on Zoom. These talks should be available as usual on the Sri Ramana Teachings channel on YouTube soon after each meeting. To obtain the Zoom link to participate in any of these Satsangs please contact us.

In normal times

Main Satsang

The main Satsang takes place on the second Saturday of each month, from 2.00 to 5.30 pm, at The Friends Meeting House, Hampstead, London. Each Satsang has a theme. After an opening mantra and ‘Om’, there is a period of 10 minutes silence, after which Michael James gives a brief introduction to the theme of the Satsang, and this is followed by questions and answers. We break for tea from about 3.30 to 4.30 pm and this is followed by more questions and answers by way of an open discussion. The meetings conclude with a bhajan and closing mantra at about 5.30 pm.

Devotional Satsangs

Devotional Satsangs, starting at 2 pm on the last Saturday of each month, are held in the Library upstairs in the Friends Meeting House. The emphasis in these Satsangs is on Devotion and they are less formal than the main Satsangs.


Satsangs take place at The Friends Meeting House, 120 Heath Street, Hampstead, London NW3 1DR. The nearest Underground Station is Hampstead on the Northern Line: turn right out of the Station & then immediately right again into Heath Street. The FMH is about 5 minutes walk up Heath Street, past a Church on the right-hand-side, past New End, past Elm Row, and then the Friends Meeting House, also on the right, has a black, arched entrance under a yew tree. NB It is very difficult to find car parking space anywhere near the Friends Meeting House and the parking wardens are very keen.

Other Meetings

Meditation Group


All meetings are on Zoom. To obtain the Zoom link to participate in any of these meetings please contact us.

Normal times

A Meditation Group meets at 6.45 pm on Thursday evenings at 15a Victoria Road Kilburn London NW6 6SX which finishes at 9 pm. The nearest Main line train stations are at Kilburn High Road (for trains from Euston) and Brondesbury on the North London Line. The nearest Underground stations are at Kilburn on the Jubilee Line and Kilburn Park on the Bakerloo Line. There are no car parking restrictions after 6.30 pm.

Study Group


All meetings are on Zoom. To obtain the Zoom link to participate in any of these meetings please contact us.

Normal times

A Study Group meets on Tuesday evenings to go through the Core Texts. We are currently going through "Padamalai, the Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi" as Recorded by Muruganar. Numbers are limited, however, as the meetings take place in a private home. Anyone who is interested is therefore asked to contact us


Our suggested Annual Membership DONATION is a MINIMUM £10 per annum, and £50 (or more) for Life Membership. Any donations would also be welcome. For details as to how to pay these contributions please contact us.

Please note that there is no Centre or Ashram, nor does the Foundation have its own premises which means, regrettably, that are we unable to provide accommodation for visitors.



The Ramana Mararshi Foundation UK sends out a newsletter by email twice a year Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

Spring/Summer 2021 Edition

Sri Ramanasramam produces its own e-newletter - Saranagati.

Mountain Path

Mountain Path subscriptions can now be paid directly via the portal at

Past issues can be accessed online in pdf format at the Sri Ramanasramam Resource Centre.


A small selection of books concerning Ramana Maharshi are normally available for purchase from a display at the Satsangs in Hampstead.

Books concerning Ramana Maharshi and other spiritual books can be purchased by emailing Postage will be charged in addition to the prices listed. You will need to provide us with your postal address and state whether you would like to pay by bank transfer or cheque. The Foundation does not have any other facility for payment.

Because of the high cost of postage, we recommend that devotees in the USA purchase books from Arunachala Ashram in New York, and that devotees in India obtain books from the Ramanashram Bookstore.


All Enquiries should be made to the Chair, Alasdair Black, at 15a Victoria Road, Kilburn, London NW6 6SX, tel. 020 7328 3314 or

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